Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blank Verse - Off days in Between Perfection

I hear his footsteps leading to our door
I put the plate of food on the table
He loosens his tie, smiles and sits down
These are the days in between the pictures
The pictures you put on your fridge
Even the day he brought a rose home
Flowered me with apologies for his lateness
No ones perfect you know, he said to me,
Even the day we sat at the steak house
Testing each other, how many languages
we could say "I love you" in
Somehow all got lost in translation
All I could remember is I don't eat Red Meat
But I cook it for him all the time
I know that many days will come with out
Smiles for the camera, but that alright
Sacrifices in this one on one game come with
Slam dunks, gifts, and even unexpected freestyles
I can capture all these moments in my head
Even when the rose has withered away
When there is nothing to talk about at all
Like the time I asked him what exactly he was thinking
Blooming springtimes have passed to a new dawn
A summer like the first except 8 trip deep into the sun
A new beginning with no end in sight - till infinity
Most days silence can't even fit between
Our words, back and forth like ping pong
Tossing and turning and then he holds me
But in these memories of waiting for the flash
Waiting for the punch line to a good joke
I like them like a frown with a smile 'cause
the suns in your eyes and its a good day
Then the clouds tickle the sky and you can see me
Not black and white anymore, now some gray
Clearly out of focus because he kissed me
But I'm just so damn tired, I work too much
Like waking before the sunrise, De Ja Vu
Again and again, just to pay the bills
Through times not worth a magnet for you fridge
I will love him in between the photos still

(Originally Written 2006 Spring)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too Many

Too many

people already know what they would wear for a funeral, the clothes are picked out for the occasion, they have worn the hiding tears solemn face too many times. Too many more then the joy of a wedding or even too many more then a baby being born, as often as that occurs. So the balance of life and death is tilted like a A's fitted cap worn as a crown on a king, we walk steady, we rawk steady. In the pit of our gut there is a vision of ism's whether the trigger is pulled by a white police officer while a man lie with his hands behind his back, or a man shooting the man in the mirror. Both are just as unjust and trust both kill our community just as much. In a land where we say "whats good" "its all good" "i know whats happening" "shoot me to the store" "i'll hit you later" as often as we say fasho, it a little to crazy, to think we know this is happening and we are not outraged, not inspired to scream, when young innocent live are taken away from their mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, and friends.

I wrote a song a long time ago that I called "Real' which i spontaneously used the chorus for when performing at protests for Oscar grant with lyrics saying:

Too many people have died
And you wonder why the youth of today
Smoke blunts all day
Times are crazy on the daily
praying that I see the next sun
Rise in this city where cops lie
Innocent die, WHy?
You gotta take 'em away
Seem's like yesterday
we was kick'n it memories
of the deceased got me down
Faced to the ground but
Thats when I heard my sister say
Keep yo head up
So I am hopeing for better days
Scopen for any way
to bring my people to the top
and Stop the violence

Inspired by Siaira Shawn's song Too Many

(one of the many songs I love speaking on the injustice that took Oscar Grant's life and too many others)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Be

Beware of the girl that is quick to tell you what you want to hear
The one that likes to test your fear, and claim she wants to be clear
Tares through your built up walls, and makes you feel free.
She may seem to be real, but underneath some beautiful gold paint
she is all fake.

I probably should have listens
but her skin had already glistened
But no regrets
A lesson learned
And I've earned
Enough change to walk away freely

I wish no bad on you
in reality all i feel for you is sorry
I am not sorry to you, but sorry for you.
I definitely dont owe you, and don't need your apology
I AM at peace with it all

But I still must say as I notice the heart I wear on my sleeve
Beware, But just for the record I wouldn't change a thing.
I am in awareness of what was out of my power to control.

But one more time Beware of the one who wouldn't think twice to devour
your soul, and then spit it back in your face with a haste.
I have washed my hands, and my mouth of the bad taste.

and I am glad and full of Joy that I can walk away
You tried to claim you could make me
You even tried to break me.
But all you did is crumble
and let me see you could never be on my level.
I will be that much more fierce of a rebel.
So leave me be
Just. Be

WREN's Poetry blog

HELLO WORLD i decided to create another blog just for poetry, bear wit me while I set it up, lots and lots of poems coming soon...

Heres a short 1 to start it off...

...I told her that I was the lyrics n she the beat, but I lied, im the whole song she's just the listener that turned me off, once was seductive is now repulsive, she tried to trip me up, but i landed on my feet, tried to make my heart cold but my soul has too much heat, tried to make me feel homeless, but all I need to feel at home is this heart beating in my chest, I am the beat, the lyric, the beautiful melody, it was all sent to me, and I AM free ...